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Will get pics of this stuff in the next day or two as well. I only have my camera phone so bear with me! Might have more stuff, but will need to go to the house where I keep the car and look through.

So I don't need these Corbeau seats anymore. They are the CR1 seats and I bought them new quite a while ago. They have some pretty good wear as the fabric on them seems to just suck. Overall they are fine, it's the the outside bolster on the passenger side, and the outside on the DS are pretty much tearing. I'll try to get some pics of them whenever I go over to the house so you can see. I'd recommend getting them reupholstered as that's what I wanted to do. The DS seat also has an inflatable lumbar support. I have two Corbeau Harnesses for them as well that have never been used.

Asking $350 for both. This is without the brackets are those are Supra specific. If you want the harnesses as well it'll be $400. New these are $400 each. Lumbar; $50, and the harnesses; $110. They were about $1100 all together.

MKIV Supra Denso Pump. I bought a new one cause I was going to use dual Densos, but am going another way. Don't need this one. It came out of my car, worked completely fine when pulled. New these are $2xx. Asking $80.

Blitz SS Filter. Has the 6 inch opening. Stainless Mesh filter. I bought an intake pipe for single turbo and it was packaged with another one of these filters. I don't need two. About a 3 inch area around the base the pleats are a bit "smushed". I'll try and straighten them out as much as I can, but it's not going to affect anything. Comes with the stock attachment to fit this onto a 2.5" pipe or so. I think at least. I'll measure the damn thing when I get pics. Asking $80.

Koni Shocks for Supra. $185 new each. I have 3, never had the fourth one. You can have all 3 for $250. You just need one more to complete the set.

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