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Complete 5 spd swap for Mustang foxody, T5, pedals, clutch, ect...

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I have a complete 5 speed swap for a foxbody mustang. This came out of my 89 lx. I am switching over to an automatic for drag racing. Included is the T5 tranny, Hurst shifter, shift knob, clutch and brake pedal assembly, adjustable quadrant, clutch line, flywheel (looks like it was recently turned), and clutch that looks like its in good shape. I believe the clutch is just a stocker but it looks like new. I also have a shift boot and the plastic piece that goes around but the boot is torn. I am not too sure on the condition of the T5 tranny. I was told it had a grind into 4th but when I bought the car the clutch was in very bad need of an adjustment. I did a quick adjustment and I drove it around the block. It did not grind into 4th but it did have a little grind into 3rd. I bought the car as a project so I have not driven it other then that and its already all torn down. It might just need more adjusting but it is possible it will grind into 3rd. It did go into every gear so I know they are all working. You can email me at [email protected] or call 505-718-9525.




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now there ya go Cisco, that would be perfect in your car. What car do you need a 5 speed for josef?
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