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I am selling a full race turbo kit for a 04 cobra this system utilizes the 04 cobra intake and many of the cobra parts. This kit was not designed to be driven on the street however if you wanted to you would have to add screen mesh in order to be driven on the street. All of the hot side is made out of 304 stainless the turbos them selves will support over 1 thousand HP they are 63mm Garrett turbos on a t-4 frame I currently have the .96 are exhaust housing but I also have .68 ar housings as well. With the turbos as low as they are I elected to use the best sump pump made that can handle this kind of load that that is the turbo werx oil pump this is not a cheap pump however it is a expensive pump that works quite well. All of the wastages are top of the line Tial and the blow off valve is also tail to match the waist gates. The intake system is made by Pro charger and is made out of sheet metal and it has been electro plated I have spent countless amounts of money in this system. Please look at all the pictures. I am going to also include the 95# and hour injectors as well you will need a driver. This system is not finished. I did not use a alternator so you will have to make your own mounts for that other than that this system is top of the line.. all parts are new and never used so what I am asking for the entire kit you could refab what ever you need and make money on this.. If you are looking for 450HP this is not the kit for you, however if you are looking to have a lot of power then this is the right kit. this also uses the 03-04 cobra intake and intercooler this is a must unless you are going to refab all your own stuff.. there is well over 5k in parts in this kit. i made one like this for a friend and charged 12k however with my new car i need to finish it as fast as possable so this kit is for sale for what i have invested in parts 5k + the ride this is not a HP, Hellion , HPP nor a THP this kit is much higher in quality than thoes kits you will need a tube k member. i would recomend a PSR k member however you can use a D&D if you want to try to keep cost down

New silver car turbo kit :: P1050534.jpg picture by psracing - Photobucket

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