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Cam for ls1?

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Ok so need some recondmendations (spelling?) on a cam. Looking for something not too harsh so can drive daily if need to. Also wanting something that is more for racing not dyno #'s. Was looking at Item Detail Texas Speed Torquer v.2 Camshaft, but also see a lot of people going with the magic stick 3.

Also nitrous is probably going to be added. (if matters)
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I run a torquer 2 and have installed a couple of torquer v.3 I love that line of cam. my torquer 2 and 100 shot would put a couple on my roomates ms4 car on the same shot.
i would say ms3 man! i know a few guys with them and it makes me want to change mine!

There's ads for JDM Honda shit on this forum?! WTF?
Cam Recommendation

Best bet is to call TSP. Let them spec out a cam for you. Give them gear ratio, weight, purpose, future mods you plan on doing etc... Best to buy the right parts now for what you want to have at the end of the project.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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