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Cam for ls1?

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Ok so need some recondmendations (spelling?) on a cam. Looking for something not too harsh so can drive daily if need to. Also wanting something that is more for racing not dyno #'s. Was looking at Item Detail Texas Speed Torquer v.2 Camshaft, but also see a lot of people going with the magic stick 3.

Also nitrous is probably going to be added. (if matters)
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MS3 is proven with great results.
a 224 or 228 cam is pussy. you will be disappointed. I ran a 230/232 cam in my daily driver when I was in college on the gas, and off, and I thought THAT was too small. If you go as small as a 224 you will be sad. I wouldnt go anything smaller than a 230ish cam, preferably a high 230's. It wont hurt your gas (I got 26mpg on the highway with mine) and you will make over 400whp with supporting mods.

My buddy makes 420+ with a T rex cam and that is his daily driver. Its all in what you can handle. IMO I would go with as big as possible. Id go T Rex or comparable.

Mid range power is for pussys. When the **** do you ever need "mid range power" when you are racing?

The answer is never. Unless you are 47 years old and want a "slight lope" to add to your sweet catback, a bigger cam is the way to go.

Well said
I have heard the MS4's dont really like nitrous though, and he plans to spray eventually. I could be wrong though.
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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