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I have this extra powder coater. Brand new, I opened it to see what the hell it looked like, and to make sure everything was actually in there. I don't need it, I have a different one now. I can get pics if you want them.

It comes with 2 powder cups, and 3 different spray pattern tips. Also a foot pedal for the charge. All you need is any compressor to push the air through it.

I'd like to sell it for $75. I can sell my one can of super wet black powder with it if you want. Or you can tell me what kind of powder you might like and I'll just order an extra of that when I buy more powder, I need to get 3 more cans. I normally get them for $13 each (would sell for $10) unless you guys know somewhere that sells them cheaper locally. Thanks!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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