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Blew the welds on the intake...

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:lol: So I decided to be all sneaky and install a nitrous kit on my car and run against LS1=GOD at NO-BULL. So Friday night I see him at the races and decide to go ahead and run him to see how I will match up. Well I had just installed the new wheels and tires with Nitto 315 Drag radials and didn't know how good they hook. We went from a dig and I bogged like **** on spray and she said POP. Here was the result. Blew up the plastic intake ducting and trashed the MAF...
Look at the reflection of the flames in Vinnies paint...

[ame=""]YouTube - Nitrous Backfire on IROC-Z[/ame]

Oops. There goes NO-BULL. :banghead:
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A wise man once said, "nitrous is like a hot chick with an STD, you know you want to hit it but beware of the consequences."

At least you caught it on tape, I like how you can't see shit but the reactions of you guys after popping the hood leaves so much to the imagination.
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