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"Black Talon" vs Black 2010 Camaro!

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I was heading down lomas tonight, and saw some "halo" syle projectors in my rear view, thought maybe bmw, but the signature wasn't quite right. We pass under some street lights and I see the silouette of a 2010 Camaro, so I look down lomas to the west just in time to see the light turn red. I maintain the middle lane, and he pulls right up next to me in the left. I havvn't really done any research on these cars, so I made sure it was gonna be a race by looking for certain little indicators that it was a performance model. I see some huge brakes with one piece 4 piston calipers, and I'm pretty sure I can entice him into racing me. I don't rev or make a big show, just watch the turning light at the SW corner of the intersection go green, then yellow, then the westbound lane turns green. I slip out under about 2500rpm and got a little too much of a jump on him (I didn't want to win on driver skill, I was looking for a car vs car...) so I let off and watched closely looking for a jump. The jump came, and Black Talon answered with a moment of turbo lag, then the full fury of the atmospheric wastegate as it held the monster 62mm back to 23psi. It was on. The Camaro committed to the trial, and both cars roared, side by side to the top of first. I pull down a solid second gear shift and the camaro falls back about a half car length as second gear engages, boost recovers and now Black Talon is in full effect. As I continue pulling through second, the Camaro continues it's futile effort to stay in the competition, but without success. As the top of second gear I have three or four cars, and figure the contest is won, but he stays in it, so I pull down third and stand on it till about 7000rpm (of 8500) and deliver him. I let off with seven or eight cars, and the jittery rush of adrenaline that I only see at the close of a heads up drag race...
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nice kill.
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