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Big Money Race This Weekend.

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Come one, Come all. Its time to do some more work.

Well after the incredibly anticlimactic races last night, I picked me a fight with a new victim...

After racing his buddies 08 bussa for some money (not that nice of a kill comparatively speaking) the "president" of some unknown ass bike club wants a race with me.

The guy rides a 2006 zx10r, i believe its stretched and slammed, i know it has no nitrous, i also dont know what his gearing is looking like. I do know that he lost to JVs 14, that should put him at about a 10.8x, or right around there. There was massive amounts of shit talking going on at Mexico last night, I sure hope this guy comes out.

Im in the processes of finding his number so I can get him to settle on a dollar amount. Im hoping for 3 or 4 hundred. We shall see.

Race will be friday night, any ideas on the venue? The spot would be best for me but im sure this guy is going to pull a new spot out of his ass.

btw, my winnings last night bring me up to +203.65. Suck on that one JV.
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I'm glad you won 200 bucks Jason.. We will see whether that money doubles up or finds its way into my wallet saturday:playa:
We are already racing for money on the track at no bull.

I want a shot at your car on the street

yeah thats the race I was talking about. I'm down to give you a run on the street although not to confident that i'll be able to keep on. Traction owns me. I need to minitub and put some big ass tires under the car so I can 1.4 60 foot on the street! Shit i'd settle for some 1.7s on the street..
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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