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Best F#$cking streetracing video ive seen in a long time

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[ame=]YouTube - Summertime - by Qb2productions[/ame]
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I saw some of that shit live.
Word, I love the supra nationals.
hey Dom remember them BOOZAS at the end of the vid they wanted to race you for cash right?
The one did. The actual owner was a cool guy in person. His friend was about to get thrown off the ****ing parking deck.

We wanted to race that night, but something about he was already in for the night. He said next night at the meet. He then claims he showed up at the meet, but couldnt find me. Couldnt find me with the 50 people that were constantly around the Camaro. Mmmmmmk. He then wanted us to meet him in dallas, the exact opposite way we were going. He was basically full of shit. He got drug by a supra the night before, and needless to say it wasnt sw, rich, or darin that beat him, so I wasnt sweating him.

****ing clown shoes. Im going down a few days earlier this year to have Fereday retune the car on slaughter mode, see how much she can really make.
what bike got walked? the black n20 bike or the red turbo? one the turbo one the guy was a cool guy the others were kinda shady
The turbo one who wanted to race me.

One of the nitrous bikes came over and asked rich to run his supra for cash. Rich asked them how much and the guy said "I dunno, hundred, 2 hundred." Rich laughed and said "Oh, I thought you guys wanted to run for some real money. Thats alright."

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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