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Barzten1 is Back....Black!

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Thanks fellas!
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Does it feel stronger than your z?
I love this car; but my Z would smoke it. I think I need to stiffen it up. My Z was tighter, handled way better and also had 570lbs of torque. On those R compound tires I had the Z felt like all wheel drive compared to the vette. I love this car thought. Feels like the luxury of my yukon but with great usable power and Darth like looks.
Man Im just happy to have a car again. Money is tight these days. Not looking to mod at all right now. When I do I definately want to tighten the suspension and a big brake kit. Otherwise the car has plenty of goodies for me right now.
Did you haul past me the other day on the martin luther king on ramp like a week or so ago? lol Clean whip. hit me up if you want pictures. I print also.
I cant remember if that was me. I was on and off the freeway testing it out that night trying to get the feel for it. I didnt get on it hard at all the first couple days though.
Honestly Mike Im enjoying the shit out of the car. Especially since I got rid of that bad fuel. Huge difference. Wifes out of town and couldnt resist. Even had the car seat in it. LOL
1 - 7 of 48 Posts
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