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Banshee 350


Its got everything new on it fender,rims,tires,brakes brake lines,handle bars,laser star headlight,6pack rack,prm bumper,elka shocks,alba pro elite arms plus 2 ,excaliber axel,led tail light,nurfbars,got the frame powder coated its got a kill switch ,hide a key new radiator new motor with fmf fattys pipes , 2 in 1 carb 35mm
The reason I'm selling it because I tore my rotator cuff and I also need a car for school!
if u wanna check it out give me a call or txt 5059201762 my names Edward i would wanna trade for a WS6 or ss with LS1. Thanks

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It's cool I got you covered.

We love to support random people just looking to sell stuff.
Last I heard that banshee has a salvage title and a hybrid engine, **** that:banghead:
Free bump

Well I was in glamis for thanksgiving and I was beating the 450s and all I got to the motor is vforce reed single airfilters to the carbs fmf pipes and it milled so im not sure must be the rider
Not really that should work over a 450 as is, add a port job to the head and it will come alive big time

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well the one I rode over the weekend had an intake, exhaust and power commander.. that bitch was ****in' quick!

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I know this guy personaly and this is a bad bitch was re dun from the ground up its a fast ass bike to well worth the money i know he has like 10k invested in it
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