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Bangin Gears

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1st......2nd......1st Ooooooops
That was great hahaha...
That's funny. cept Ive done that before.....still running strong though!! I think...
I'm fairly certain stoppies are detrimental to a quick ET. :shrug: Just sayin'...
^lol maybe
Damn thats gotta suck
fhahahhahahah i loved the commentary. Made me LMFAO... "what the **** was that"
that sucks i know the feeling , i once went from 3rd @120 to 2nd , distroyed my oil pump and the rest of the engine,
Dang that sucks big time for him. That dude in the back ground "what the ****" is hilarious.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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