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badass craigslist add!!!

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hahaha the keywords listing is LONGER than the description of the car.

key words: keyword honda nissan toyotas lexus mitsubishi mazda dodge 240sx s13 b16 b18 b20 h22 k20 k24 hks apex'i boost gauge defi Civic, Integra, CTR, ITR, Skunk2, Crower, JE pistons, Tein, Omni, Toda, Jun, Racing, Prelude, Accord, Type R, Gs-r, GSR, LS, eagle, acura, honda, toyota, B16A, B16A2, B16A3, B18A-B, B18C, B18C1, B18C5, B16B, H22, bb6, del sol, pr3, p30, p73, p72, h22a, b16a, b16a3, type r, jdm, fast, b18a, tranny, transmission, civic, eg, ek s13 s14 s15 nissan sr20det rb25det si dx ex lx honda type r vtec del sol scion xb xa tc rsx type s tl cl rl r skyline s2000, crx, sir, jdm, spoon, , b16, b18, h22, ls, lsd, ef8, ef9, eg, ek, dc2, dc5, itr, ctr, gsr, turbo, , delsol, hatchback, jspec, integra, ecu, , acura, blitz, tein, kei, drift, drifting, rims, wheels, tires, turbo kit, camber, ka24de, ka24e, recaro, momo, sparco, ractive, tenzo-r, boost, gts, tokico, neuspeed, intercooler, nismo, 5 zigen, apexi, axis, bomex, bride, c west, razo, comptech, dc, sport, eibach, enkei, gab, h&r, hella, hks, Jackson racing, k&n, kaminari, momo, msd, piaa, racing hart, skunk2, option2, evo, tanabe, trust, greddy, veilside, vis, volk, work, xa, xb, Subaru, supercharger, lancer, aem, usdm, swap, nos, gt, lip, ssr, sir, ser, se-r, Mugen, dohc, vtec rsr rs-r rs*r greddy trust apexi coil over sprint m1 turbo trade 551i lowered,, rims , maxxim , 17" , fourteen , 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 . drift lsd paint rims wheels nice clean montana jdm ground controls tein mesh megan trust ka24e ka24de ka24det. silvia. silfourty sileighty jdm
I guess I am not the only craigslist lurker around here!
here are his others
***1992 Acura Interga Ls***
***1993 MAZDA RX-7***
dam if its for show then why all the carpet out. well at least he honest and say the motor not that strong
dam if its for show then why all the carpet out. well at least he honest and say the motor not that strong
I Am selling my 1992 Acura Integra ls1.8 twin cam. its a really strong motor. the motor has 160,000 miles on it.
it has intake, headers and full exaust. the car has never been raced or anything, it was made more for show. the car does not smoke or anything.
the inside is clean. it has no carpet the seats are good. the back it all gudded out.
it has a clean tittle.
the car is fully wrapped in vinyl and it all comes off.
the rims it has are the slip treams. if you want to lower the price ill put some steelies on there
have any more question tex or call 915 834 9711
the car is curently in el paso texas but can be brought down if your really gonna buy it
God damn it, all those ads have been flagged for removal!

I remember seeing a craigslist add for some Civic with a B16 and the mother****er wanted like 7500 for it because it had the "light weight" completely gutted interior mod.
hes back at it don't worry
guess it must be true!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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