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I want a ****ing MSB car.

Just so you guys can get some perspective on the 60-130 times and the 4.6 (IIRC) that the black Supra ran. The fastest for the event, and the fastest 60-130 time ever recorded since the 6speedonline guys started this before the Texas meet, was Bob Helms at 3.93.

The Porsches were running from 6.9x to mid 10's. Stockish z06 was running mid 10's, and a Procharged Vette ran a 7.55. Hell an RX7 with a V8 ran a 7.37 as well. It's a cool event especially if you don't have the means to bring a full set of slicks, or drag radials, or just a separate set of wheels.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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