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anybody run a centri blower with a wastegate???

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anyone here run a wastegate on there centri setup? kinda like a tq booster i've been thinking about doing this but not really sure if its worth it.. if you have can you post your results? thanks :beer:
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Restrictor is easy and works but doesn't allow adjustments like a wastegate would.

Either way you pulley down, and either use a restictor to limit high RPM airflow, or a wastegate to bleed off excess air. Wastegates can be tricky to get working correctly. You need the correct size, locations, etc. All the boost curves I've seen from them on homemade setups look like Sin graphs with boost up/down.

Just do a restrictor plate if you want more torque.
It isn't as easy as just put on a WG and a 10lb spring. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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