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**Anybody need a Hitch!!!!!!!!!**

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I am glad to present products from Andersen Manufacturing!!!!!!

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Andersen Manufacturing makes some of the finest hitch products in the world.
Here are a few of the products that i now sell

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The Rapid Hitch
All Rapid Hitch sizes have a 10,000 lb. GTWR and 1,500 lb. tongue weight - limited by ball capacity.

* Standard double ball features 2" and 2 5/16" balls.
* 3 Models available: the SUV 3 1/2" drop/rise, the 5 1/2" drop/rise, and the 10" drop.
* The standard Rapid Hitch has 11" over-all vertical adjustment, 5 1/2" rise or drop.
* Fully tested and cerified by an independent lab.
* Fits a 2" standard receiver hitch.
* Many optional balls available including:
o 1 7/8" x 2" combo
o 1 7/8" single ball
o 2" single ball
o 2 5/16" single ball
* All ball sizes are available in zinc plated steel or greaseless aluminum.
* Light Weight...yet extremely strong.
* Anti-theft keyed locking pins available. When only the best will need the Rapid Hitch – The easiest to use and most versatile ball mount system available today.

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The Alumistinger!!!!!
* Aluminum super alloy (solid bar).
* Fits a 2" standard receiver.
* 1" ball shank hole.
* 8,000lb GTWR and 800lb tongue weight.
* All sizes can also be used as a rise with the same weight rating.
* No Paint - No Rust - Forever.
* V5 Certified.
* Lightest ball mount on the market.
* Fully tested by an independent lab.

Plus many more products go check out there web site at -

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well take for example the Alumistinger hitch

2" on promo right now $45.00 shipped to your door
4" $57.00 Shipped to your door
6" $60.00 Shipped to your door
8" $90.00 Shipped to your door
10" $92.00 Shipped to your door

I know the pricing seems a little weird but there is different amounts of Aluminum in the different drops of the hitch. Some more than others.

If you can find these or any other Andersen Products for cheaper you just let me know and I will Beat anybody's price!!!
I will make sure and post up prices every-time I post something like this. I don't know why I didn't think about it before. But it is alot easier to view the post and have pricing all at the same time. Thanks for pointing that out man + horse power to you. and + to gigglegas also

No hp to me?? My car needs hp more than most. Do seem like good prices however I don't have any vehicle that could use a hitch.
Dude is long gone, hasnt posted here in a few years. I picked mine up locally at Rocky Mountain RV and Marine. They even price matched internet pricing for me.
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I sell them lol
Well I thought they were Anderson also but these are actually what I carry...

Adjustable Ball Mounts - Adjustable Hitches
thanks Ryan - i have a 6" lift on my truck... so adjustable would be great! do i need to order one online, or can i see them local?
Well I'd have to order one in for you to see it... I could have one here next week if you wanted to check it out?
Just so you're aware the adjustible ones are pricey!!!

Part Number: DTMDT-STBM6600
6in. Drop Or 7in. Rise
Fits All Common 2in. X 2in. Receiver Hitches
Sliding One Piece Billet Ball Mount
Unique Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Anti Rattle System
Comes With Both 2in. And 2 5/16in. Ball
Machined From One Piece Billet Aluminum
These Super Light Weight Adjustable Billet Aluminum Ball Mounts Are Machined From Aircraft Grade High Strength Billet Aluminum For Maximum Strength And Reliability. You Can Use These Ball Mounts With Multiple Trailers By Simply Adjusting The Ball To The Proper Height. The Most Unique Features Of These Ball Mounts In Diversi-Tech's Unique Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Anti Rattle Balls That Take Up The Slack In Your Receiver And Virtually Eliminate Any Chance Of Rattling.

So for that one (6" drop) You're looking at $ 210 dollars...
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$210 sounds about right. let me get the receiver hitch. then I"ll buzz you if I need you to order me one... going to check with locals first. thanks
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I am local! lol I just don't have any in stock. Let me know what you find! :)
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