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any spartan tuned 6.4 'strokes in nm?

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i've been hearing a lot about how these spartan tuned 6.4 powerstrokes are running. theyre making stupid numbers with just a few mods... anyone know of any running around town? or even in nm? im sure that there have to be a few :headbang:
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Spartan tuned

An cold air intake and a tuner will get 600 rear wheel horse power reliably. :headbang:
Spartan tuned

I will find proof and post it up I have seen it happen
You at the facts son

**** no, with a built trans, spartan, intake, fuel pump, and exhaust. That it would be in high 500's pretty reliable... But even than nothing modified is really "reliable" anymore...
Here are the facts Spartan 310 tunes, Intake made 570rwhp

here is another truck that made 813 rwhp with Nothing top secret. Spartan 310v8, Dirty Diesel ai and cai pipe, Zex dual stage race kit Suncoast race trans, Spearco ic. makes 813 rwhp


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/\/\ Bet that truck wont last long with that tune...

O and if I had a Zex dual stage in my truck id jump up a few hundred also. :lol:
Well yeah the 813 really dont count but these are daily driven working FORDS. Can Chevy's pull trailers?:lol::lol::lol:
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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