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Aluminum vs Iron block..

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So I am slowly piecing together the parts for a forged motor for my 99 GT build (came across some Forged H-beams and picked em up) and I was thinking about putting all this stuff into an aluminum block to save weight. Which is the stronger one to use for a boosted application? If I were to use an aluminum it would be a teksid (which supposedly is the strongest aluminum for the 4.6s) but I do see 03/04 cobra blocks floating on the net for fairly cheap and they are iron.

So basically, for my goal of 600-800 horse, which would be the best for my application??
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I would go aluminum to put the car on a diet. The teskids blocks will hold just as much as a iron cobra block. Hell even the non teskid blocks will hold up to alot of horsepower if prepped right. If your gonna stick with your P.I. heads all you have to do is drill 2 holes in the deck surface for coolant flow. You can usually find aluminum block already drilled for 2V heads all over corral and modularfords for cheap as well. Good luck man.
^ I agree. an aluminum block and tubular front end is the way to go. price is definately a factor in any project but less weight is the same as hp when its all said and done.
I already told you Hugh, go with the Teskid.
I already told you Hugh, go with the Teskid.
I know this, but Joe was saying that the iron block from the 03 cobra would be stronger. Although it seems to me that for what I am going to be doing with the engine, the teksid will still be able to handle the power, and I'll lose 100 lbs or so off the front.:headbang:
I never even knew what a teksid block was until I did some researching on it today. Now the question is where to find this block for the cheap.
They are pretty damn sweet, and sometimes they'll pop up on corral for 300-400 plus shipping. Not a bad deal if ya ask me!

But if anyone in here comes across one lemme know! From what I can tell they are from 96-99 cobras and 93-98 Lincoln Mark VIII.
and some 01 cobras have them
/jumps in

It's Teksid, not Teskid.

Teksid Group

/jumps out
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