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A few updates on my Camaro...

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Got the 10pt and parachute mount intalled and painted. Also picked up some Billet Specialties Street Lites.

Should be up and running in the next few weeks. Just need to buy some tires and the chute.
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Looking damn good Sean!! I cant wait to see the final product!
looks damn good!! I like that cage alot!
Looks great Sean. Will you be doing any mods to the drive train?
Crazy to see where this car has gone since when you first got it!

Looking good!

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damn its nuts to see where this car started from
Good luck with the BS wheels. Lots of complaints on the web about them cracking. I had them on order a couple years back for the mopud, but got tired of waiting and canceled the order.

Car looks good.
Looking good bro!

It's great to watch the car transform through the years. Can't wait to hopefully get a chance to watch this bad boy run sometime this season.

Good luck and keep up the good, hard work!
Looking good Sean. I wish I was doing all that trick stuff to mine. Great Job!! Can you post a picture of where all the bars come together at the front? Near your feet, the front kicker, etc?
Looks great Sean. Will you be doing any mods to the drive train?
Not for a while, the only thing I may do is put some higher gears in the rear, and I'm still not sure if I'm gonna do that.

I'll post more pics up this weekend.
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****n cash on those wheels!
Great pick!!!
I wish my wallet allowed for a set of those!!!
I didnt know street lites cost as much as 505a's :secret:
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