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A few pics of my zx10, lowered and stretched

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Thanks to [email protected] and [email protected] for the help!!

So far I've went [email protected] with a 1.65 60', I think it will go faster the way it sits. Just needs more rider mod.
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looks siick! is that bike street legal?
i like it... saw it at the track last week from a distance.. love the color..
That looks sick. Love the green
looks siick! is that bike street legal?
he rides it on the street
looks good dude
It's street legal, I just take the headlight off when I strap it for the dragstrip.
looks badass
Looking good. Got any pics of it from the other side showing the swing arm?
Not yet, I'll get more pics up soon.
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Nice bike man.
looks good Sean, your launches are getting down there so i doubt you'll go much faster. Needs more powa so you can race with the big dogs like JV.. HA
Looks good man.
+Hp on drag racing a bike that's rare to see at the drag strip. ****ing Term...
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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