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95-02 F-body A/C-Heater delete panel

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93-02 F-body A/C-Heater delete panel

It's made of .050 6061 aluminum. It's light yet still strong enough to not flex when installed. I recommend applying a bead of silicone around the perimeter to seal out any fumes from the engine compartment. Each panel has a sanded look finish. You can paint it to match you car's color. This panel will fit 93 through 02 F-bodies. I plan on making panels for more cars/trucks. If you have a current project. Preferably the heater is already removed. I'll give you a finished panel for free if you let me make the template from your car.


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what would one cost to make for an 1st gen s10?
Free for the first one. I need to make templates. Since that will be the first.
Okay! Is the notch ready to be measured?
Low Speed (Ryan) Chris told me you needed a panel, he will have it at the meet for you tonight, bring $35.00.
Current sale price is $46.99 on Ebay.
As much as I want to keep the heater, seeing this makes me want to ditch it. When I pull my motor out, I'll come pick one of these up :)
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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