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95-02 F-body A/C-Heater delete panel

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93-02 F-body A/C-Heater delete panel

It's made of .050 6061 aluminum. It's light yet still strong enough to not flex when installed. I recommend applying a bead of silicone around the perimeter to seal out any fumes from the engine compartment. Each panel has a sanded look finish. You can paint it to match you car's color. This panel will fit 93 through 02 F-bodies. I plan on making panels for more cars/trucks. If you have a current project. Preferably the heater is already removed. I'll give you a finished panel for free if you let me make the template from your car.


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Anyone need a panel made for their car/project?
I could use one for a notch without holes so i can weld it in:secret: i looking for one but I cleaning out the hood area and dont want holes or bolts anywhere
Aluminum or sheetmetal? I'll need to make a template. Are you going to weld it in? I do sheetmetal work too.
ya I will weld it in. speaking of sheetmetal I am going to need a basic style dash and i want to get panels for the inside of the notch i want a sheetmetal inside like a drag car would you be able to do it and if so how much?
Thanks! Spred the word.
my car dont have a motor so you you have time I have a few smaller parts I could use out of sheet metal so let me know if you could swing by anf tell me what the damage would be to have you make them if you can text me it be better but my number is 610 9278
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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