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89' IROCZ+20K=?????

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Not so much of a technical question, more advice. If you were in my position and had around 20K that you could use freely on whatever you wanted for your car, (1989 IROCZ) what would you do?? I was leaning towards maybe an LSX swap with some kind of power adder and do the whole Street/Strip weekend warrior thing. Hopefully building the suspension for that setup, doing the whole shabang, 9" rear, built tranny, fuel system, wheels tires, doing the interior, and whatever safety precautions the car would need. So I am looking for opinions on what you guys would personally do if you were in my situation. And no I dont want to sell the car and buy something else with the money, I know they are sick mullethead beaters but I love 3rd gens and wanna make this one just as nice or better than 4th gens. So I would appreciate your guys input!! Thanks so much.
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clearly you aren't going to change cars so I won't touch the subject. I would personally invest the money in something that will be worth something later but I don't think thats the route you want to take, so.... I'd probably go with a 408 with a rather large turbo and set the car up with some nitrous for when its not feeling fast enough on the turbo. Build the motor as bad as possible, take no short cuts!! Make sure to replace all the suspension and you will have a amazingly fast 3rd gen that will really surprise the hell out of people on the street and at the strip. If you stay out of the throttle and away from boost it will probably get decent gas millage as well.

good luck with the project
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