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7.3 Powerstroke engine, intercooler, trans w/tc

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The story on the parts is kinda long, so here's the short and sweet of it. 2001 F-350 work truck was stolen from my shop. The truck was being used to move stolen parts when the dipsh!ts rolled the truck. They pulled it back to thier chop shop and started stripping it. Cops busted them and made me drive to Farmington to pick it up. This is all thats left and whats for sale:

I have a used (160K miles) 7.3L Powerstroke motor (no turbo) just sitting on a crate waiting for someone to buy. Its been compression tested and all is good. Just want to get rid of it so $1,800 takes it.

Intercooler should be good for something. I'm thinking $250

Last it the tranny and torque conv. Both were working great and only have 76K miles on them. $1,500

PM me or call my cell 362-1681
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