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Hey guys, I'm looking to get rid of my AR15 chambered in 6.8spc. Has about 100 rounds through it. It is a bushmaster upper mounted on a polymer plum crazy lower. Shoots great out to 500 meters. It is a 16" with a 1/7 twist. Just need to make room in my safe cause I've got to many ARs. On jasons I have it listed for $1050.

$975 for everything for TSC guys. Would trade for a glock 19 plus $500 or for a p22 plus $675

Comes with 540 rounds (Hornady and SSA... I've got around $600 in the rounds alone)
3- 25 round mags
1- 10 round mag
Quad rail
Cheap $60 red dot
Bushmaster plastic hard case

5054801801 I can send pics until I get a couple uploaded.


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