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2nd gear broke again!!!ahhh

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last night my super under cut tranny broke 2nd.. dam **** it aint that bad feels likr i ran over a rock at 9000-9200 rpm. i am ordering a new 2nd gear tomorrow and fixing it my self. i am gonna drive this ****er for a while. jet engine busa must live
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Damn that sucks man, get that shit fixed asap so you can compete with the baby boy rider club..

i do believe i am the first one to put the hurt on the new busa set up from a dig. i most likely only one won because you werent THRUSTING IT. :squid:
haha no, that was for the dude who traps 164 and runs 9s till they outlaw him from the track, then he rethinks his life story and decides to swear away racing forever.

edit. and only after saying that you cant be beat....
babyboy. bitchriders. bitchmaid. take your pick. good news is im spending 3 grand on a big bore engine and enough crome to make it look fabulous. going to be sick!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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