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Just joined, thought Id share what I've been up to. Used this for my daily while in school and working full time, paid it off, parked it for a while. Worked for a close friend of mine here in St.Louis at his shop JMB performance. Anyway, got bit by the big after building some nice cars/trucks and decided to make one of my own. Ill save the build list because its long, boring and its still a neon right? haha. Short run down: .040 block, wisecos, crower rods, t04z 67mm, 2 stages of n20, 2 stages of meth, bunch of other junk. Built to be a streetcar. Dot 235 M&h's, pump gas, no cage, full interior no weight saving. Not sure on what power its going to make yet. Should be upper 500, low 600 with the boost in the upper teens. Big thanks goes to the owner of JMB for all of his help and insight. Thanks for looking.
I like this guy already!! :lol:
Car looks amazing, and that intercooler is ginormous! Good luck finishing her up and Definitely keep us posted!
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