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tonight was pretty eventful. i am ashamed no one from T.S.C. showed up to boo Marty Hugo Chavez. I on the other hand did, and i wasn't alone; there was other people pissed at the corruption and scandals they have seen.
Richard Romero (AKA THE CHAMP!) put the heat on Marty strait calling out the fact that there is mass corruption going on in his administration. AWSOME. Marty turned red as a tomato he was so pissed.:rtfm:.At the end i yelled my heart out drowning out his lovers. Ha I almost got into a fight with some lady who didn't like me booing her man.:boxing:
Any Buddie but Chavez
Thease are the last 2 events, we must make a strong showing
"Sept. 13: Congregation Albert Mayoral Forum – Congregation Albert (3800 Louisiana near Montgomery ) – 10:30 a.m.

The Congregation Albert Forum is public, but I’ve been told space for the public is very limited. So don’t be surprised if you are turned away. Besides only people who attend and pay for the breakfast beforehand will be allowed to ask questions and I think you have to be invited to the breakfast. It can get complicated because every forum has its own set of rules and requirements that we have to follow. The mayor will be at this one, though. It’s one of the oldest and largest forums. However, I think it will be easier for a large group to attend a neighborhood forum than this one.

Sept. 15: Juan Tabo Neighborhood Association Forum - Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center – 6:30 p.m.

Hey JV sorry we didnt get to make it last night. We were going to but we endedu p going to the papa roach, nickelback etc..concert. We will be at the one of the 13th. We can't make the 15th cuz i work til then. Sorry.

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I could care less about Marty...he wont be re-elected, hes a worthless douchebag. So whats your reason for going to these "event" mearly say you went, or to actually speak up and say something, so far i havent heard anything about what you have said at these events and whats been the responses...imo its a waste to just go and be a silent body at these events.
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