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1997 Honda Civic Dx Si Hatchback

$2200 Located in ABQ
1997 Honda DX Hatchback
SALVAGE TITLE (Carfax available on request)
D16Y8 Vtec with proper ECU/Wiring harness. 5 Speed Manual
32MPG City (with any driving pattern). 5% Tint all around.
Lowered on Tokico Blue shocks and ebay sleeves, recently aligned (smooth ride not bumpy)
2.25 inch exhaust, no name header, No Cat, factory looking muffler, decent sound, never been hassled for it. (Just PASSED ABQ EMISSIONS)

DX model, manual windows, manual locks, manual mirrors, manual seats, no sunroof, tilt steering, no power steering, rear wiper, AC/Heat works.

Milage Estimated to be 200k+
Has had cluster swaps before, so actual milage unknown.
I bought this car as a daily commuter and now bought another vehicle. I've maintained it since day 1 replacing everything that's needed. In the 4 years I've owned it I've replaced:
Battery, Alternator, Oem Timing Belt, Oem Water pump/coolant flush, Valve adjust, Spark plugs and wires, Fuel filter (once a year, less than 5k on new one), FR wheel bearing, FR brake caliper, Pads/rotors, Y7 steel oil pan, driver window regulator.

Comes with original Springs/Shocks/Top hats if you want to go back to OEM suspension.
Also comes with original non armrest center console, currently armrest style installed.

Bad: Starting to develop D-series Trans 2nd gear grind randomly.
Car has been in 2 wrecks from previous owners, front bumper does not
align properly.
Has some paint chipping on roof, not sure how.
Roof small leak at paint chips if it rains for over 2 hours. Has damaged headliner slightly.
Lots of rock chips on front bumper.
Ebay clear headlights need to be reconditioned.
Clear coat is peeling everywhere.
Driver window falls off tracks and needs to be guided up. Needs new guides.
SITTING ON STEELIES, black wheels sold.

NO CALLS, TEXT ONLY please. I usually can't answer a phone call if I'm preoccupied.
No Trades, No Payments. Cash only. $1700


· Psssh. Mustang
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Grabbing an emissions slip this Sat for it.
Someone bring me 1800$ this weekend and it's yours.

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Bump. TSC Price of $1700, no bs. Mention TSC when you contact me.
Just passed ABQ Emissions slip is still good for 80 days.
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