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1200 whp Sand Truck

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Looks like fun. Especially spotlighting.

[ame=]YouTube - Team English Racing 1200 WHP Twin Turbo Sand truck E85[/ame]
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Thats retarded I bet its scary as hell. I saw a shorter vid of that truck a while back. The rooster tails are awesome.
that's a monster... i want one..
Those things look like so much fun
I'm gonna ****in build one out of my heavy chevy!
Wow! That truck is badass!! But with twin 42R turbos and no intercooler I'd imagine charge temps and engine temps must be radioactive hot!
That truck is bad ass...
man the way that thing was launching in the sand was nuts. throw some stickey rubber on it and thats at least a 9 sec car ( launching in 4wd)
That's sick! I want 1200hp in something. Anything.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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