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06 GTO

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Well i finally decided to put the car for sale so here it is
06 red/red GTO a4 18,550miles $22,500
k&n intake
slp lm1 catback
long tube headers
ported fast 92mm
vrx5 cam
vig 3600
n2o plate kit
r278 wheels 18x8-18x9.5
new bfg kdw's
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took the words right out of my mouth
but really i just never use the car i take it
out maybe once a month
Damn thanks guys maybe i should keep it
The supra would be badass lets see if the GTO sells if not
it's going back to solid tech a getting into the 10s
I got a few people interested let's see what happens
maybe you never know :secret:
still some people interested but no :money: yet
Thanks if YOU buy it YOU can drive it everyday
New price $21,995. and also a finders fee of $250.00 cash
will be given to any TSC member that get's the GTO sold
make sure the buyer give's me your info
Hey Joe, sell it to Tanisha o she can beat Mateo's car :lol:
I told him to buy it so he could have a real GTO
KEEP IT!! :(
I might but i've been looking at some new Z06's
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1 - 10 of 52 Posts
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