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I bought this car from a friend in 2002, cause it was turbocharged, I put quite a bit of work into it, heck i can get the head off of it in under 30 minutes, I tried to talk him into doing a few simple things to make it faster, but he wasn't interested, so I bought it for $300 and put a new head gasket in it, then a MP computer with a 10psi limit (up from 7) a K&N drop in filter, dropped the power steering belt, open exhaust, and that was it, then I raced the 3rd gen Trans Am with the 305, that he bought instead of doing a little bit of work to the Baron, and I beat him by 4 lengths, which he was very unhappy about. I raced it for 5 years, then I blew the head gasket, didn't know it, and raced a 98 GTP at 14.8psi, I lost by 3 cars, then I found the huge water leak from the gasket, pouring out faster than I could fill it, and 4 fouled plugs, replaced the gasket and put arp studs in, didn't help found out head was warped. 3 years later I decide its time to get it runnin again, I swapped it to a turbo 2 setup bought a new comp, set at 16psi of boost, built a water to air intercooler from a stock 1g DSM ported another head myself, roller valvetrain, updated ignition, new intake setup, 3rd drive blew a spark plug out of the head pulled the threads, and broke a big chunk, put a new head new studs, new gasket, 1st drive was blowing a smoke cloud 30" around, with a top speed of 10MPH, pulled over removed oil cap, the at idle blew smoke like a train 40+ feet in the air out of the cap, Thought another gasket again, wasn't warmed up so I removed (very slowly) the Rad cap and with an unholdable pressure knocked my hand up covered me and my brothers squad car which was 20" away with a nasty foul smelling brown liquid, I got mad drove it home attempting to blow it up, but not enough power. 30 minutes later I had the head off and found about an 8th of number 1 piston was completely gone, so now I'm $700 away from a new shortblock.
1985 Chrysler LeBaron (Maroon/Black)



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