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Honda Accord is the latest and unique model, which is appearing in the market with new and changed model of the cars. Now this company is celebrating its 40th anniversary of its establishment, which is the great achievement.
Honda Accord was introduced in Pakistan in 2005 and it has introduced the latest model of Accord to ensure the users about their slogan, ‘Ride to the Future’.
Honda Atlas Cars limited in Pakistan has released the all new Honda Accord in the event and the last model of this car is the 9th generation of the accord family and this new model has brought the new changes to the world of premium cars. The latest model of the car is synonymous with the midsize Sedan like Toyota Camry.
The new model of Honda Accord gives the improved and fierce look to the overall style of the vehicle. This car has the refined style on the front and the back of the car is changed from the last entries of the Accord family. The car has the tail lights and they are redesigned to refresh the things and make the bold statement of the vehicle. On the front side of the vehicle are LED fog lights to keep the low visibility situations. The rest of the build of the vehicle is solid and the changes are made in the reputation of the vehicle.
2016 Accord (White)



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