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Fury III Convertible
green, primer red, yellow, primer grey, etc.
My manager at Howard Johnson's prototype (in the world) cafeteria-style restaurant (at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Raceway exit of I-71 in Ohio) would let me exercise my brand new driver's license by taking her blue '69 Fury convert, top down, with an interior so bright white that frost-bite would set in after five miles, to the post office in Bellville. I loved that fuselage design and vowed I would one day have my own. Nearly a decade later I followed up on an ad and found a green 1970 in Burbank. It had New York plates on it (though the body was pretty good), so I like to say that before I changed them, I had the overwhelming compulsion to always blow the horn when behind the wheel (heh, heh). I drove her mostly during the Disco Daze. Still love that fuselage--and would like to find a '69/'70 Chrysler Cross Country too.
1970 Plymouth Fury III Convertible (green, primer red, yellow, primer grey, etc.)


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