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Model 62 Convertible
Red over white over red over white, thick paint
Attended a lecture at Kingwood Center, Mansfield, Ohio in February, 1972. As I prepared to leave in my '68 Skylark convert, a shiny 1960 Cadillac convertible swept by my headlights, heading for the parking lot exit. There it is! The car I've tried to find in town for months, after the first sighting of its totally rust-free body (and my favorite car design--EVER!). I determined to follow it, and follow, I did--right into the old, "Ritzy" part of town, where it eventually parked next to an old mansion. Dave and Tim Todd (father and son) were the occupants (whom I'd seen after the lecture, also munching on the cookies and punch), and they had often corrected the lecturer on old car facts. They had brought the car from California, and were restoring some Classic cars in a carriage house a few homes down the street. I had hopes of acquiring that car for myself, but they reluctantly sold it to singer Sergio Franchi, who took it to Connecticut.

Tim and I became fast friends and when I moved to Norwalk, CA, he went back to his native San Fernando Valley (we shared driving way out West in my first Cad, a '66 convertible). I worked in Lynwood, then would speed up to the Valley to work one day at the Ventura West Car Wash in Woodland Hills. Our free time was spent driving endlessly to find old cars whose tires needed kicking in the worst way. My good eye was alert for a '60 'vert crying for my attention. One day I spied an ad in the Valley Green Sheet for one. Tim was working so I went up to Granada Hills for a "viewing" and test drive. The owners were bros Bruce and Brian (the final two names my folks pondered before naming ME!) Sprecher, who had painted the interior chrome and grille gold, and glued "leopard skin" over most of the interior so that David Cassidy would have a cool ride in a Christmas parade. Unfortunately, I didn't have the $795 required (H##l, I barely had enough to pay for gas to get there!), so I left to "think it over."
I told Tim it had a weird way of shifting and he replied that it was just the way with the old "Slim Jim" tranny. Then, in September, 1973, I saw the car advertised again--at a reduced price! Tim drove me up Balboa Blvd to GHls in a '60 convert he had just bought for himself, I negotiated with Brian and Bruce, and two 1960 Cad converts proceeded back down the hill--I finally had my own Dream Car! Oh, BTW, my investment? $200! Next year, we celebrate our Fortieth!

There are many more "Tailfin Tales," but you'll have to come by some eventide to hear 'em. And BYOB. . . .
1960 Cadillac Model 62 Convertible (Red over white over red over white, thick paint)


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