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Mustang GT
I'm the original owner of this car and had received it as a high school graduation gift. This car has had three different motor setups. The original motor was topped off with a basic H/C/I combo and a 150 dry nitrous shot. I never had the chance to take that setup to the track. After about 175k on the original motor I decided to go with a 347 stroker. The only other change I made was switching from nitrous to a blown application. I ran an old school paxton VR4. At the time it was paxtons "race only" blower. The goal for that setup was to run in the 11's without having to drive the car hard. I made three passes with on this setup and managed to make 11.30 pass on drag radials. I drove this setup around for about a year and had to rebuild this blower three times so I opted to change to the Novi2000 blower. Soon after the swap I moved to AZ. After I moved from CA to AZ. The boost from the VR4 came on quicker (quickest spooling blower I've ever seen!), but the Novi's boost is much more potent. Soon after installing the blower I discovered I had split the factory block. From there I went with the 4-bolt mained R302 block. I also upped to boost from 10-15lbs. After making this swap, the car sat in my garage for 11yrs without making a single pass. With refreshed interest, I'm hoping to run this setup into the 10's. We'll see once cooler weather comes :-)
1990 Ford Mustang GT (Black)



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